System Design and Engineering

We specialize in the engineering development and testing of robust electric driveline solutions and energy storage system integrations for the most demanding applications in heavy machinery. Our engineers have deep practical experience in developing and delivering successful industrial electrification solutions for over 15 years.

Our component selection methodology ensures that we will fulfil both the required machine performance and safety levels demanded by the industry. We select the most suitable driveline components for the customer machine by analyzing the duty cycle data gathered in the Engineering Assessment phase and leveraging our long experience of successfully electrifying many different machine platforms. We engineer all our solutions for purpose and we are not limited to any specific component brand or supplier. For +15 years we have been carefully developing a Global Supply-Chain Ecosystem with a wide network of contacts to a universe of component manufacturers, adding economic value to our customers.

Thermal management

Proper thermal management for energy storage, power electronics and electric motors enables optimal performance and maximizes the lifespan of the components. We are experienced in engineering the optimal parameters for each electric drivetrain thermal management system we design, keeping in mind the machine use-case and working ambience.

Electrical engineering

Hevtec offers a variety of electrical engineering services to support our customers in designing for safety, compliance and reliability. In addition to high voltage schematics, wire harness and cable routing design, we typically engineer logic level schematics and document the resulting, readily-reproducible, wire harnesses. This supports fast customer implementation of the electric drivetrain, regardless of complexity.


You can read more about our unique control software solutions here!

Engineering Services

  • Electric driveline integration

  • Control System Software development

  • High-level Machine System Design

  • Component selection & Supplier introductions

  • High Voltage Electrical Design (up to 1000Vdc), schematic and wire harness

  • Logic and Low Voltage level Electrical Design, schematics and wire harness

  • Component layout design, CAD