Commissioning and Testing

We support our customers throughout the careful process of commissioning new electric drivetrain solutions, for every type of work machine.

Commissioning and testing is a crucial phase, where the electrical safety and operational functionality of the drivetrain is confirmed before machines are put into service. We support our customers with the level of help that they need by providing information on best practices, hands-on assistance and personnel training. We are committed to our customers’ success at this important final stage.

Electrical safety can be ensured with a series of inspections and measurements of the high voltage system. These include validating the ground continuity of the drivetrain component enclosures and machine chassis and insulation resistance between the high voltage system and machine chassis. We take the safety of our customers, operators and our teammates very seriously at Hevtec.

After safe operation is ensured, we make certain that all the electric driveline components are correctly parametrized and operating accordingly. The logic level operation, such as communication between the components and I/O controls, are all systematically tested. The thermal management components and coolant lines are typically filled and bled at this point.

The machine is then ready for its normal operational test procedures, before shipping out to the customer. During these procedures, the insulation resistance is followed actively to validate the machine’s electrical safety is maintained throughout the testing process and into the field with the functional machine.