Solution Assessment

Solution Assessment is recommended to properly evaluate the technical feasibility and economic success potential of the proposed customer use-case scenario, before committing significant resources to it. We ensure our customers’ success by analyzing which drivetrain solutions would suit their specific applications optimally.

A Solution Assessment provides answers to both technical and economical questions, enabling machine manufacturers to make optimal decisions on which driveline technologies will best suit their product opportunity. To select the most suitable driveline solution for a specific application, duty cycle data is required. Typically, OEM’s already produce ICE-powered machines of similar scale, which can be used as a guideline for designing sustainable electric drivetrain alternatives. Important driveline design factors we analyze during our Solutions Assessments include; the machine’s operating environment, potential charging options, and operating power requirements, and prior-existing ICE-machines. Our Assessment then delivers key insights on the recommendation of a battery electric, or hybrid driveline, to most effectively fulfill the customers’ requirements.

After the Solution Assessment, the customer will have a solid knowledge base to make informed decisions on how to proceed with the project.

Solution Assessment services include:

1. Power cycle measurement

2. Preliminary data analysis

3. Simulation

4. Driveline Architecture Recommendations