With years of experience, we’ve developed a clear understanding of the different knowledge transfer needs of each role within our customer’s organizations. We offer our customers electric drivetrain training throughout the whole personnel chain.

Keeping personnel up to date with their product knowledge is key for any business to be successful. When mobile machinery manufacturers introduce electric drivetrains into their product portfolio, it is important to make sure that the whole personnel chain, from designers to sales, manufacturing and aftersales, are trained accordingly and get comfortable with this new product information.


OEM product development teams are highly skilled in designing “classic machinery drivetrains” that typically consist of a diesel engine coupled to a hydraulic power transfer system and drive axles, varying with machine type. Driveline electrification brings a revolutionary new aspect to this traditional design work which means that these designers will require training to become familiar with these new types of electric driveline components and their capabilities. This training includes identification of all the new types of system components, how they each function together as a system, and their respective operating requirements in terms of electrical, mechanical, and thermal management designs.

Through our years of experience, we’ve learned how best to help your design engineers to expand their skills and engineering-level knowledge of electric drivetrains and their sustainable capabilities.

Installation and maintenance

Installation of the electric drivetrain components, especially energy storage components, is delicate work, demanding proper care, the correct equipment, and specific skills. For the technicians to be successful installing this equipment in a safe and efficient way, they will require special training. Designing, documenting and equipping a safe and scalable installation process is equally important. The same applies to the personnel in the field who will be expected to maintain these new systems and perform effective repairs as needed.
Understanding the potential risks, and creating the safe processes to minimize them, is key when any personnel are working with high voltage systems. Maintenance personnel need to be trained in how to isolate the energy source(s) and verify that the machine is de-energized and safe to work with.
Fortunately for our customers, we’re deeply experienced in these aspects of operations and we are ready to collaborate in the refining and proper electrification their processes, including the training of their personnel in how to work safely and efficiently with all the various the electric drivetrain components.


An electric driveline introduces many powerful new competitive & sustainability compliance features to any work machine, which clearly adds significant value to their end customers, once properly sold. Commercially benefitting from these new product advantages begins with effectively training the Marketing and Sales Teams of our customers, so they can fully comprehend the distinct advantages of these new technologies, how they relate to compliance with new and emerging sustainability requirements, and how they can reduce the operating costs of the machines, while simultaneously extending their functional service life.

Similar to consumer’s most-asked questions about passenger EVs, our customer’s Sales people will often ask “how long will the battery last in normal operation? and how long does it take to recharge?”. Of course, we can provide satisfying answers to such preliminary questions, but we will also help our customers’ Sales Teams to understand the big picture of what the transformation to electric drivetrains really means to their customers in terms they will understand and highly-value.

We help paint the whole picture for the sales team so they can become confident with this new information and become highly successful in selling the electrified generations of their machinery, even in competitive situations.