Zero Emissions,
Zero Compromises,
Fast Forward

Zero Emissions,
Zero Compromises,
Fast Forward

With our long experience in electrification and modular control software approach we offer our customers a fast track to electrification with zero compromises.

Engineering sustainable driveline solutions for mobile work machines

Hevtec is an engineering company specialized in electric and hybrid driveline design and integration. We thrive on creating zero emissions solutions that meet the high standards of tomorrow. We believe that any work machine can be enhanced to stand out in terms of performance as well as energy efficiency. 

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Solution Assessment is recommended to properly evaluate the technical feasibility and economic success potential of the proposed customer use-case scenario, before committing significant resources to it. We ensure our customers’ success by analyzing which drivetrain solutions would suit their specific applications optimally.

System Design and Engineering

We specialize in the engineering development and testing of robust electric driveline solutions and energy storage system integrations for the most demanding applications in heavy machinery. Our engineers have deep practical experience in developing and delivering successful industrial electrification solutions for over 15 years.

Commissioning and Testing

We support our customers throughout the careful process of commissioning new electric drivetrain solutions, for every type of work machine.


With years of experience, we've developed a clear understanding of the different knowledge transfer needs of each role within our customer’s organizations. We offer our customers electric drivetrain training throughout the whole personnel chain.


We aim to minimize customers’ time-to-market and project budgets. Our field-proven proprietary control software platform is complete with pre-configured intelligent algorithms which capture decades of practical experience. Powered by this comprehensive control software ‘head-start’, our customers can reach their goals fast!

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