Pon Euipment

Z-Line 323F

Pon Equipment AS developed in 2018 the world’s first rechargeable electric 26-ton excavator, Cat 323F Z-line. The name consists of the Z which stands for Zero, for 0 emissions and “line” is the series of zero-emission machines from Pon.

The fully battery electric excavator is equipped with a 122kW electric motor and has a 300 kWh on-board battery system, which enables 5-7 hours of continuous operation. The battery is charged from a 400 Vac grid connection with up to 173kW of power. Charging while driving is also made possible, which means the machine can operate around the clock when tethered. One of the first machines had cumulated 4000 work hours in 2022!

Hevtec was selected as the electric driveline integrator for this trailblazing project. The delivery scope from Hevtec included the electric driveline control system, electrical engineering services for component specification and selection, schematic and wire harness design, machine build consulting (electrical system) and commissioning services.


Hevtec Control System features used in this project
  • Intelligent power and energy management
  • Thermal management – cabin, battery system and power electronics
  • Data logging and edge computing
  • Auxiliary system control
  • Charge control
  • Touch-screen GUI

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