e-Work 2100

The Kewatec e-Work 2100 is designed for fairway service and its main propulsion is a battery electric and diesel-hybrid drive. Both systems can be used individually or together in boost mode for high performance. The hydraulic bow and stern thrusters enable precise maneuvering of the boat. The thrusters and the crane on the deck are powered from the boat’s 400 Vac electrical system

Hevtec was responsible for overall electrification support for Kewatec, providing the control system for the high voltage components with a touch-screen display for controlling and monitoring the Hevtec controlled devices. We also designed the DC-power distribution for the electric propulsion system and logic level electricals to support the high voltage components.


Intelligent electrical system

The work boat is fitted with an upgradeable 75 kWh Li-ion battery system, which is connected to the boat’s 400 Vac electric grid through a combined Active Front End (AFE) and Micro-Grid (uG) inverter and transformer. When electricity is provided from the boat’s diesel generator or through a shore connection, the inverter is used as a battery charger (AFE mode). During zero emissions operation, the 400Vac electric grid for the boat is generated from the high voltage battery by the inverter (uG mode).

The boat’s grid load is actively measured with the Hevtec Control System. Using the bow and stern hydraulic thrusters, as well as the deck crane, create power spikes in the electrical system. Our power management software helps maintain the electrical grid of the boat stable and utilizes the excess power, when available, to charge the high voltage battery.