The world’s first electric pile driving rig from Junttan is built as the same reliable and strong PMx22 piling rig, but this time with a modern electric soul. The electric machine includes a swappable battery system for undisturbed, continuous work at site. Due to its built-in on-board battery, the machine can handle swapping its main energy storage (396 kWh Li-ion battery) independently and efficiently without having to shut down during operation. The machine supports both AC (63A) and CCS fast charging where available. The machine can also be run in grid-battery hybrid mode, providing uninterrupted operation with a single battery.

Hevtec was selected as the integration partner and had full responsibility of designing the electric drivetrain and selecting the components for the PMx2e machine. Due to deep integration and seamless co-operation with Junttan’s product development team, the machine was designed, manufactured, tested and delivered to the end customer in 10-months from project kickoff.

We provided Junttan our full portfolio of services including Solutions Assessment, System Design and Engineering, Electric Drivetrain Control Software, Commissioning and Testing, and electric drivetrain Training through the whole personnel chain.

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Hevtec Control System features used in this project
  • Intelligent power and energy management

  • Multiple energy source management

  • Cabin, battery system and power electronics thermal management

  • Data logging and edge computing

  • Auxiliary system control

  • Charge contro

  • Touch-screen GUI for the swappable battery system